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Free convert any image or reduce file size using webp technology

To convert images to WebP format locally on your PC, you can use command-line tools like cwebp or the libwebp library. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Install libwebp: Download and install the libwebp library appropriate for your operating system from the official website:

    Step 1: Download the zip file from the official site.
    blog-humper - webp image

    Step 2: Extract the downloaded zip file into c: drive

    blog humper

  2. Set up the command-line tool: After installing libwebp, you’ll have access to the command-line tool called cwebp. To use it, you can either add the location of the cwebp executable to your system’s PATH variable or navigate to the directory where it’s installed whenever you want to use it.

    Step 3 : Search for path to make support cwebp in cmd command line.
    blog humper

    step 4 : Set Path

    Step 5 : create and save.

  3. Convert an image to WebP: Open a command prompt or terminal and navigate to the directory where your image is located or provide the full path to the image file. Then use the following command to convert the image to WebP:
    Replace “input.jpg” with the name of your input image file and “output.webp” with the desired name of the output WebP file.You can also specify additional options with the command to adjust the quality, compression, and other settings. For example:In this example, “-q 80” sets the quality to 80 (on a scale of 0 to 100), and “-m 6” sets the compression method to 6 (with 0 being the fastest and 6 being the slowest and producing smaller file sizes).

     cwebp input.jpg -o output.webp //for bulk run below script or download from the link @echo off cd /d %~dp0 FOR /F “delims=” %%i IN (‘Dir *.png *.jpg *.jpeg *.gif /b /s’) DO cwebp “%%i” -q 80 -o “%%~dpni.webp” exit 

  4. Check the converted file: Once the conversion is complete, you will find the WebP file in the same directory as your input image.
    👉 : download batch script file to auto convert bulk/unlimited image : click hereFinal step : double click run in the image directory and enjoy .
    webp convert way

    for more customize the script or shell/ cmd batch file.
    Right click and edit the webp_convert.bat file using note pad or other editor as per your preferences.

By using the cwebp command-line tool, you can batch convert multiple images by running the command for each file or by creating a script that automates the process for you.

Remember to respect copyright laws and usage permissions when converting and using images.

If any doubts please comment below I will try to reply soon.😊

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