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10 GitHub Repos to Master Frontend Development

1. clean-code-javascript – A guide to writing clean, readable and maintainable code. Crucial for any developer.

2. 33-js-concepts – An extensive collection explaining key JS concepts like closures, event bubbling, prototypes etc.

3. react-hooks – One repo to learn all React hooks with clear examples. Hooks like useState, useEffect, useCallback and more.

4. react-redux – The official repo has great docs on state management with React Redux. From actions to reducers to selectors.

5. D3 – Data visualization and charting library with tons of demos and samples. Interactive graphics galore.

6. animate.css – Ready-to-use animations for CSS. Just add classes to animate elements.

7. awesome-tailwindcss – Awesome things related to Tailwind CSS.

8. front-end-handbook – Everything you need to learn for frontend dev. HTML, CSS, JS, frameworks, testing – it’s all in here.

9. css-protips – Tips, tricks and techniques for writing efficient, scalable CSS.

10. testing-playground – Examples of unit, integration, e2e tests across frameworks like React Testing Library, Cypress and Jest.

What other GitHub projects have you found useful?

Share your recommendations below!
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